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30 metres of 3M 425 ALUMINIUM ADHESIVE FOIL an indoor & outdoor DIY sealant tape

30 metres of 3M 425 ALUMINIUM ADHESIVE FOIL an indoor & outdoor DIY sealant tape

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30 metres of Aluminium Foil Tape by 3M.  Width 25mm. Thickness: 110 µm

A dead soft aluminium foil combined with a special transparent synthetic acrylic adhesive makes this
the best general purpose foil product available.

Can be used indoors or out for long term applications.

Also has U.L. approval Class "L" for low flammability.

  • General sealant indoors and out.
  • Repair tears on truck trailers and aircraft.
  • Moisture barrier e.g. around windows in aircraft, buses and in appliances.
  • Electroplating of aluminium.
  • General purpose heat reflector.
  • Mechanically holds wires and cooling coils to appliance walls.
  • Acts as good heat source for defrosting, and evens out cold temperature.

Additional Product Information:
  • Reflective backing provides excellent radiation for both heat and light.
  • The very low moisture vapour transmission rate makes No. 425 a good sealant.
  • The special permanent adhesive combined with the rugged, durable backing gives ideal properties for long service life both indoors and out.
  • Good as a maskant in electroplating of aluminium, since it will not contaminate the bath.
  • Performance range from -55°C to 150°C continuously. Higher temperatures for shorter periods.

Application Techniques:
  • Best results are attained when applied to a clean, dry and non dusty surface above 0°C.
  • To improve adhesion ensure firm and even application pressure is applied.

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