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SJ3440 tape Stronger Than Heavy Duty hook & loop - plain backing for sewing stapling - 25mm wide

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3M SJ3440 Dual Lock Tape - 25mm wide

Strong heavy duty alternative to hook & loop that mates to itself or other dual lock tapes.

With no 'hook' or 'loop' parts, you just need to put a strip of tape on each of the things that you want to fasten together.

Unlike other Dual Lock tapes, SJ3440 does NOT have an adhesive backing and so is ideal for sewing or stapling onto material, clothing etc.

Simply cut two pieces of tape to the length you require and sew or staple them to the surfaces/objects you are joining.

Once secured, simply press the two pieces of dual lock together and their mushroom-shaped plastic stems interlock with
an audible snap to make a fastening which is stronger than hook & loop.

To open, simply pull apart. Just like hook & loop, the fastening can be pulled apart and put back together over and over again.

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