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Double sided VHB RP45 adhesive foam tape pad - made by 3M

  • £10.95 GBP

A VHB double sided adhesive RP45 foam tape pad - made by 3M

30cm x 20cm (12" x 8") sheet of thin (1.1mm) flexible foam with adhesive on both sides.

There is backing paper on both sides which needs to be peeled off to expose the sticky surface before use.

Use as one big sheet or cut to the size you require.

Ideal for fastening things to a surface, for example:

- Fasten posters securely to a wall

- Secure your phone or satnav to your car dashboard

- Fix your ornaments to the shelf to stop them being knocked over

PLEASE NOTE: This is genuine 3M RP45 tape, not a cheaper (or weaker) alternative.



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