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3M Dual Lock tape Stronger than Heavy Duty Hook Loop with self adhesive backing

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3M Dual Lock Tape - 25mm wide. 

See below for description of the 3 types of Dual Lock available.

A strong heavy duty alternative to hook & loop that mates to itself or other dual lock tapes.

With no 'hook' or 'loop' parts, you just need to put a strip of tape on each of the things that you want to fasten together.

Simply cut two pieces of tape to the length you require and stick them to the surfaces/objects you are joining.

3M Dual Lock Tapes have a strong adhesive backing which means they can be used on a variety of surfaces including
Metals, plastics, fibreglass, polycarbonate, glass, sealed wood, & rigid vinyl.
Simply peel off the liner and press in place:  no drilling or stapling required.

Please clean all surfaces thoroughly before applying VHB tapes. Try 3M VHB SURFACE CLEANING WIPES

Once secured, simply press the two pieces of dual lock together and their mushroom-shaped plastic stems interlock with
an audible snap to make a fastening which is stronger than hook & loop.

To open, simply pull apart. Just like hook & loop, the fastening can be pulled apart and put back together over and over again,
whilst the strong adhesive backing on the tape ensures that it will stay attached to the surface/object that it is stuck to.

Which tape is right for me?

SJ3560 has 250 mushrooms stems per square inch which provide an exceptionally strong closure alternative to hook & loop, screws, bolts and more.
On the other side of the tape a clear acrylic adhesive allows the tape to be secured to almost any surface and is especially suited for outdoor
applications where elevated temperatures and/or direct exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light may occur.
3M product data sheet here

SJ3540 provides the same 250 mushroom closure strength as SJ3560 (and the two can be mated together) but uses a rubber based adhesive
backing which is optimised for indoor use.
3M product data sheet here

SJ4570 is a low profile alternative to hook & loop and has a strong acrylic adhesive making it suitable for use outside.
Due to it's low profile design, SJ4570 has shorter mushroom stems and so will not mate with other dual lock tapes.
3M product data sheet here

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Customer Reviews

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Nicki Thomas
Great alternative to screws

I had some solar lights that came with screw fixings to mount them on wooden fence posts etc. but I wanted to fit them on a PVC windowsill. The SJ4570 tape was ideal for this and made the fitting of the lights very easy, I could just stick them on the windowsill (5 metres up an outside wall) from inside.
What's more, being able to pull off the lights and then put them back means I can easily switch lighting modes or change the batteries, both of which require partially disassembling the lights.
Thank you StickyTapes!