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3M 8671HS Helicopter Bike Frame Protection Tape Clear Protective Film - 30cm x 15cm

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This is a 30cm (12") length of 15cm (6") wide Polyurethane Helicopter Tape by 3M: 8671HS
This product is totally clear and will virtually disappear on application.

Perfect for protecting wear areas on your bike such as around the chainstay, under cables & on the front of the frame.
A thick (0.36mm) protective polyurethane film with a strong acrylic adhesive which is UV resistant and will not discolour.
This is the highest grade exterior 3M helicopter tape available... beware of cheaper versions that are for indoor use or not as transparent.
Product Features
  • Tear & abrasion resistant
  • Completely transparent
  • Ease of application
  • Superior adhesion without the use of a primer
Product Applications 
This tape is used in military, commercial, business and private aviation as lead edge protection against particle and rain erosion.
8671HS can easily be diecut to exacting shapes and is paintable, printable and thermoformable.  
The tape is extremely tough & totally transparent and is extremely effective at preventing damage caused by stone chips, abrasion, erosion, minor impacts etc.
Applications Include:
  • Surface & Paint Protection on Cars/Bikes & other vehicles against stone chips, scuffs and scratches.
  • Erosion protection of the leading edge in F1 cars, aircraft, & helicopters
Additional Product Information
Polyurethane Protective Tapes are a fast and exact way to provide exceptionally tough surface protection on metals, woods and plastics.
This tape is made from a highly durable thermoplastic elastomer and precoated with a high performance acrylic adhesive.
It conforms well to curvatures, can be pre-cut into convenient shapes and can even be painted or printed over.
3M's Product Description
3M 8671HS is made of an exceptionally tough abrasion and erosion resistant polyurethane formulated especially for its excellent resistance to ultraviolet light. 
There is little or no discolouration after prolonged periods of environmental exposure. 
The high shear strength (HS) capability of this product was formulated to give better erosion resistance and better performance at high temperatures (such as those caused by aerodynamic heating), while providing better peel strength and shock resistance at very low temperatures. 
8671HS comes pre-coated with a long-ageing, solvent resistant, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and is protected with an easy release liner. 
8671HS can be applied by normal "wet" application techniques which allow ready sliding and repositionability, or by dry application techniques where complex curves need to be coated while allowing some repositionability. 
The product is easy to apply and stretches to conform to difficult contours where this is desired. For especially high adhesion the surface to be coated can be primed with 3M Adhesion Promoter 86.